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Membership with Gateway CDC has never been better.
Benefits focus on three primary areas:

Early Access to Accurate Information • Artist and Business Services • Visibility


$25 -- Individuals/Artists enjoy the following "Level 1" benefits:

  • Information, announcements and invitations to events
  • Free workshops through Gateway CDC Arts Programming (for ex: managing e-mails and social media)
  • Eligibility for election or appointment to the Gateway CDC Board of Directors
  • Volunteer opportunities – support events and festivals sponsored by Gateway CDC
  • Feedback: Tell us what’s important to you!

$375-$5,000 -- Professional Artists/Small Businesses/Nonprofit Members enjoy the benefits above, plus the following "Level 2" enhanced services:

  • Free access to fee-based professional workshops for artists and businesses
  • Consultations – artist/business profiles and features, access to office hours
  • Referrals and fee waivers – lead generation between businesses or artists

$5,000 -- Partners/Large Corporations receive all of the benefits above, plus the following "Level 3" partner services:

  • Corporate advertising – fence wraps, blog features, co-branding
  • Event Sponsorships – lead partner on OST or other GCDC-sponsored events
  • Seat on Business Advisory Board (starting in summer 2016)

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